Mia, Creation 1995-2006 (Pt. 2)

Mia, Creation 1995-2006 (Pt. 2)

I promised a part two of the Mia story of how a young boy named Wesley Hill started my culinary career. I mentioned in Part One that the Mia cookie was and is still is the epitome of love, the recipe was originally gifted to me by a loving and selfless woman named Cheryl Hill. I was a young mom myself at the time and just out of college trying to earn a living and find my path in the world.  We were poor and what a lovely place to be, poor and ready for anything!  Well, you see, this is where my entire culinary journey begins.  Mrs. Cheryl had a nine-year-old son, the youngest of her children, named Wesley.  Wesley’s heart was failing him, and he needed a new heart.  The only way to a new heart was money and a donor, and a miracle that these two necessities would collide at the right time to save a life.

My heart beat with all the love a mother has for another mother.  Poor is a relative thing.  At this time in my life, I wanted to give back to the woman who cared for my babies while I was at work each day.  All I could have possibly afforded was perhaps a $25 donation, because at this time in my life every penny mattered in helping our little family stay afloat.  Twenty-five dollars did not feel morally right to me, I was indebted to the Hill family for the safety of my children and all the love they received in Cheryl’s care.

Necessity is the mother of invention, is it not?  I asked my employer, Midwest Office, to donate $300 dollars to me so I could purchase ingredients for chocolate making. They did!  Still my favorite employer of all time!  I set about making chocolates, packaging them to perfection, and selling them to architects and designers in my industry.  From that $300 I was able to raise $1200 and donate to Wesley Hills heart transplant.  What a glorious moment for our little Sugarhouse community.  All the neighbors pulled together to love and support this family and pool our time and talents together.  This is when I first discovered my gastronomic gift for creating.

Wesley lived clear until 2016.  Wesley married his sweetheart, Allyson, on August 15, 2009 to become a husband and father to three beautiful children, Olivia, Blakely, and Jaxon.

I can never thank Wesley enough for being a pathway to discovering my talents.  I spent another 15 years making chocolates alongside my architectural design career.  I showcased my goods at the Utah Art Markets where discriminating consumers helped me build my epicurean courage and gave me an outlet build upon.  I have loved this journey of recipe development and creativity.  It has truly saved my own soul from life’s difficult trials that turned into blessings.  I have met so many wonderful people through this journey that started with one young boy and his selfless mother and the entire Hill family. Because of them I have arrived at the RubySnap life that has afforded my family safety, and provides income to 25 other families.  Thank you Wesley Hill for your example and sacrifice, you taught me how to be in the service of others.