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Tami Steggell is the founder of RubySnap Bakery in Salt Lake City, where fresh cookies abound in creatively distinctive flavor combinations. She is originally from Arizona but spent much of her life in the Middle East and traveling Europe and Asia. Tami has a degree in Architectural Design from Brigham Young University and spent 15 years in that industry. She is now running the successful RubySnap company, which has steadily grown from year to year. A brand fashioned after an infatuation with the WWII era and an idealism of yesteryear when fresh food meant cooking from crops in season and enjoying the full flavor experience of real ingredients.

Leveraging her skills gained from a 15-year career in design into the innovation of a company that is taking the industry of high-end cookies to its optimal realm. RubySnap founder, Tami has accomplished her vision to introduce her passion for creating the most unique and coveted cookies in the world. Innovated in 2008, RubySnap opened for business starting with a single Utah location. Today, Steggell is on a path to serve her ever increasing audience of serious cookie aficionados, with plans of growing RubySnap’s bake-at-home offering in grocers nationwide, along with developing more retail bakery locations.

With a fearless attitude, Steggell quit her former career and cashed out a $10K IRA to begin the process of opening the RubySnap storefront in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Since she had always incorporated creativity into every element of life, coming up with exceptional recipe development, storefront design, and branding techniques all flowed like honey. Only her passion for baking and bringing happiness to the mouths of cookie lovers were what carried her through the exponential learning curve of opening a small business.

Tami has appeared in Where Women do Business magazine on Truth in Building a Brand, has been a guest speaker on Harvesting Happiness for Hero’s Talk Radio, American Underdog Radio, NuSkin, and has been appointed to many teaching and speaking engagements at the University of Utah, Westminster College, BYU Hawaii, with appearances on TV and podcasts on topics such as: Trademarking, Branding, Small Business Strategies, Entrepreneurialism, Leadership and Social Media, sharing her well earned knowledge.

For over a decade Tami’s mantra remains the same: If it isn’t wonderful it doesn’t belong in your mouth! Which led Tami to secure her trademark slogan:


You Know You Want My Cookies

Good News! RubySnap sells Bake-At-Home cookies in Grocery Stores too!
Your house is gonna smell SOoooo good!

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