M.A.D. podcast host Sierra McCleve speaks with Tami Steggell

M.A.D. podcast host Sierra McCleve speaks with Tami Steggell


M.A.D. podcast host Sierra McCleve speaks with Tami Steggell. Tami is a food, flavor & cultural cuisine visionary, a highly creative & successful entrepreneur and founder of the famous OG Utah cookie shop, RubySnap Cookies located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tami started RubySnap cookies in 2008 and has built it into a very success, delicious and recognized brand that can now be found in grocery stores all of Utah as well as shipped nationwide.

Tami is extremely creative and driven and in this episode we dig deep into understanding Tami; what makes her tick as well as what experiences helped shape who she is. We discuss living abroad and how culture and food weave it’s way daily into Tami’s life and some of her deepest core values. We get into what to do when feeling stuck in a “victim” mindset and some practices to actually implement to get in a better headspace. Tami shares her brand new project and the deep purpose and passion behind it. Thank you so much for watching/listening!

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