I Am Salt Lake Podcast: #327 - Tami Steggell from RubySnap Cookies

by Tami M Steggell on

About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast we got to sit down with Tami Steggell, owner and founder of RubySnap cookies. She shares her story. We get to find out about what inspired Tami to start up RubySnap, we find out what obstacles she faced in the beginning and how she overcame them, we find out about when Tami went to Gelato University, and Tami even shares with us what she loves to do with her time when she isn't busy at the shop making cookies. We also find out about some of her favorite Salt Lake City eating spots and of course what she loves about living in Utah.

Listen Here: https://iamsaltlake.com/episode/episode-327-tami-steggell-from-rubysnap-cookies/

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April 28, 2018

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