Penelope, Creation year 1986

by Tami M Steggell on

This is a great place to start telling stories about each cookie I have created.  Penelope was my earliest discovery for my talent with creating original recipes and pleasing my palate cravings.  I wasn’t a food snob yet in 1986, but I was a young wife and wanted to impress my family and friends at holiday time.  I had always loved Reeses peanut butter cups and always loathed the crisscross peanut butter cookies the with fork marks on top that resembled the texture of shortbread.  I set out to create a peanut butter cookie that would rival any peanut butter cookie I had known.  The result was a fat, moist, bendy, truffle-like peanut butter cookie that melted in my mouth.  I still like it plain without chocolate, but in those early days I would dip each one in chocolate to impress my benefactors.  My dinner table and kitchen counters would be lined with endless rows of peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate, awaiting their joyful arrival in the hands of all my friends.  Still today we sell limitless amounts of the Penelope cookies as one of our top ranking best sellers.  She was later named after a college classmate, Penelope Crey, from design school at BYU (1990-1993).  Penelope and I took photography together and she was a willing subject for many of my photos on motherhood.   We have scoured “the earth” for an all-natural peanut butter supplier, and let me tell you, that is no easy feat!  Penelope is still my favorite go to girl, along with Virginia, Isabella, and now Dolores. But really!  I love them all because they were originally created for my free days before I ever conceived of offering them to the public.  Long live workouts, since that is the real reason why most of these cookies exist in the first place.  



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