Lilly, Creation year 2009

by Tami M Steggell on

My manager asked, "Can you tell the story behind each of your cookies?" which I think is a great idea! Each cookie has its own story. Lilly: This cookie was conceived on a road trip to Disneyland circa August 2005. I was driving through the night with sleeping children, sucking on lemonheads to stay awake. Lemonheads being my favorite road trip treat for that necessary staying awake trick. I thought to myself, how could I find a reason to order these in bulk, so I can eat them whenever I want. Thus, entered the excuse to use them in a cookie. Brilliant! I thought to myself, they will add the necessary pop of tangy lemon to a sugar cookie, and then I'll add fresh squeezed lemon glaze to give it a little more WOW, and so I did and it was fun. I named her Lilly because she's so silly, part of my inner Dr. Suess personality. One of my customers, TerriLyn Grundvig loved it so much, I almost renamed Lilly the TerriLyn cookie after TerriLyn's passing from breast cancer. But Lilly had made her mark on my heart, just like TerriLyn and changing her name would not change my love for these two memories. Factoid: the minimum order for lemonheads is 2,000 lbs., which pleases me because it makes it harder to be knocked off. ;)   Who doesn’t love a good Suess reading anyway? Big L, little l.  (What begins with L?) Little Lola lop. Left leg. Lazy lion Licks a lollipop.

Journal Entry Date: 10/10/2017

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