Katie, Creation year 2011

by Tami M Steggell on

Katie the cookie was conceived in May 2011 and designed for our former Bakery Manager Katie Frenken, who was soon to be married to her true love Mr. Franks. The first version of this cookie started out as a lemon chiffon and evolved into what it is today.  A fresh strawberry pink lemonade with a tart lemon buttercream.  Each batch requires 21lbs hand cut strawberries. We also fill the air with the luscious smell of fresh lemon, as many lemons have given their zest to create this lighthearted masterpiece.  But here’s is the fun back story on this popular cookie. The now Mrs. Katie Frenken Franks and her groom made national news with their UP inspired engagement proposal.  ( see link: https://greenweddingshoes.com/an-up-inspired-wedding-katie-zack/ )  RubySnap was the lucky bakery to become her dessert caterer.  With love, Mz. Ruby thoughtfully crafted a cookie in Katie’s palate of choice.  Dough was carefully prepared, packed in coolers and shipped overnight to California for the big day.  I, Ruby, hopped a flight, rented a hotel and car and made my way to the reception center to greet the overnighted dough in sunny Cali .  I personally wanted bake and frost every morsel.  The dough never arrived.  We learned that the FAA assumed that the dough was plastic explosives and terminated the package by detonating it.  That must have been a sweet hot mess!

Date of Journal Entry: 02-22-18

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