Cassidy, Creation year 2014

by Tami M Steggell on

Cassidy, Camera that is!  This cookie is named after one of those endearing people you can’t help but like and her name is Camera Cassidy, photographer, succulent lover, builder of beautiful children.  At the time our March special cookie was singularly Lucy and I wanted an equally qualified cookie that could sit alongside Lucy’s fame.  Frankly I didn’t have any plans to build a cookie until the great Cassidy Tuttle came along.  I enjoyed her so much that I carved a spot in my creative bones to come up with a new “Lucky charm”.   I met Cassidy on set in 2014, right in my very own RubySnap Bakery Office where we set up studio together to photograph many of the images you often see throughout social media and on our current freezer bags found in grocers. Cassidy was so charming that the cookie name was established before the cookie development, which is a bit nerve racking, frankly.  I loved the alliteration sound of Cassidy Krinkle, quickly I visualized a chocolate with a white crinkle as making a visual statement before designing the Irish flair into the taste.  Quickly was born our Irish Cream cookie, dense in texture, rich in chocolate flavor and bold in its whiskey cream frosting.

Date of Journal Entry: 03-13-18

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